Constipation is defined as a decrease in the normal frequency of stool evacuation or difficulty in passing stool. It can be caused by chemotherapeutics, painkillers, but also as a result of poor physical activity or poor nutrition (insufficient fiber and liquids).

If this issue arises, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Drink a lot of water preferably on an empty stomach. You can also drink tea (preferably green tea), juices (e.g. plum juice), or a drink that you can prepare with apple and agar agar (a thickening seaweed, see recipe)
  • Follow a diet rich in fiber (25-35 g of fiber per day), whole foods (e.g. wholemeal sourdough bread or bread with linseeds, whole rice or other whole grains), fruit and vegetables (raw and cooked with peel), legumes, dried fruits and oily seeds. All these foods, especially whole grains, must be chewed thoroughly to encourage digestion. However, it is very important to increase the fiber intake gradually to avoid the formation of swelling, cramps and intestinal gases. To combat constipation, it may be useful to have a drink made with carrot, daikon and tamari (see recipe)
  • Try to have meals and snacks every day at the same time
  • Light daily physical activity is recommended (e.g. taking a walk, cycling or doing yoga)

With constipation it is better to avoid eating the following foods: high-fat dairy products, low-fiber foods, white rice, bananas, cooked carrots, potatoes and chocolate.